(Ebony Tugs) Harley Dean

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John is moving to his new house and gets really surprised when he realizes his girlfriend, Harley Dean, has unpacked the entire bedroom already. However, he gets angry when he notices she has placed the USA flag upside down. The young man can’t forgive that, unless… he gets a handjob by her sweet hands. The teen ebony would do anything to fix that huge mistake of her, so she grabs her boyfriend’s boner and strokes it slow and sensually, until he releases all his hot cumload in her sweet face.

(Face Fucking) Molly Smash

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Molly Smash is a name you sick fucks should remember. She’s been 18 years old for only 3 days and her first stop is the world famous Facial Abuse. She told us that she wanted her scene to be legendary. That’s music to my ears! Bootleg had a field day with this girl. Honestly, the word “gross” doesn’t even do it justice. This pig barfed up some nasty brown crud, ate it, rolled around in it, ate snot… I mean WTF?!? Then, her tiny hairless twat got jammed with old man meat. On top of all that, she had quite a sob story to tell. Hands down, this will be a fan favorite for years to come!

(Jimmy Loves Porn) Ashlynn Leigh

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Cute teen Ashlynn Leigh and diseased dirt bag, Alex Gonz, go at it butt fuck style.  Ashlynn is adorable, especially when taking hard cock up her big 18 year old butt hole.  She gets railed pretty good… too bad it’s from that porno fuck up.  Regardless, her shit box is stuffed and a load is deposited right in her mouth.  Then, things get really weird.  Some total creeper old dude pops out and squirts milk up her ass.  As she shoots it out, dude opens up wide to drink it from the tap.  Ugghhh… dude’s cock was all up inside that he’s eating whatever remnants remain.

(Sperm Suckers) Lyla Kennedy

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For an up and coming wanna-be porn star, Lyla Kennedy sucks cock like an old lady. You’d think there would be some enthusiasm involved, but you’d be wrong. I don’t know what to say… she’s awkward. She licks nuts like a squirrel and can’t really go deep. It’s more of a "what not to do" instructional video than a porn scene. It saddens me because this is their chance to show off their skills, but when they don’t have any skills… it just sucks.

(Jimmy Loves Porn) Veronica Rodriguez

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That creepy looking fuck, Talon, is heading over to his buddy’s house.  No one answers the door so he decides to just trespass into the backyard.  That’s when he stumbles upon Veronica Rodriguez.  Let me just say this… I fucking love this chick.  Sure, she doesn’t look as sophisticated as she does today but she’s still a super cute teen with an outstanding body.  Anyway, Talon catches her sunbathing and sex ensues.  He plows that sweet pussy and busts a load all over her face.

(Black on Black Crime) Angel

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Angel is a hot mixed black and Mexican whore who wants to get out of the ghetto so bad that she’s willing to put her 18 year old pussy up for sale. Trust me, Moe and Spooky were foaming at the mouth wanting to get to this piece of ass. They stole her innocence. As their black cocks rammed down her throat and the puke started to spill, you could see the look of regret in her eyes… but it was too late now. They had fun fucking her teen mouth and bald teen cunt.The louder she cried, the harder they fucked. This hottie was put in every fuck position under the sun after her throat was worked over. Then, the boys took turns busting nuts on her pretty little face.

(Jimmy Loves Porn) Elizabeth Bentley

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First off… let me just say that Elizabeth Bentley has an amazing ass.  I’m not talking “for a white girl”.  I mean, in general… this chick’s ass is round and plump.  Plus, she has the cutest little baby doll face.  Of course, the vibe is ruined as soon as diseased scum bag, Alex Gonz, enters the scene.  He does what he needs to do, cramming his cock down her mouth and fucking that pretty pussy… but I hate him.  Overall, it’s a good scene, though.  The director is a real retard.  He must have been related to someone higher up.  Oh well… check it out and bust that nut.

(Teen Curves) Brooklyn Rose

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Brooklyn. Not only is it the best borough in NYC, sorry Manhattan, but its also the name of this drop dead gorgeous, 19 year old dime piece, Brooklyn Rose! Her hip measurements are OVER 40 inches alone so you know this chica is packing some serious heat! Being half Puerto Rican and half Italian means that not only does she love the dick, but she knows how to work it as well – with ALL of her natural assets. We oiled up her ass so we can see her backside in all of its glory and she took this opportunity to suck on our boy Bricks cock. Later, Brooklyn took it all like a pro from behind. Her cowgirl skills are second to none and her vice like snatch made Bricks dick spray spunk all over her HUMONGOUS ass while laying on her side!

(Teens Love Money) Molly Jane

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I saw the craziest shit walking down the street today! This fine ass chick got into a heated fight with some dude and got kicked out of his ride right in the middle of the street. Since I was walking by, and I noticed she had some big ass titties, I decided to stop and ask her if she was ok. Her name is Molly Jane and after trying to call her friends I asked her if she wanted to make some quick cash for a ride home. She asked what she would have to do so I asked her to flash me those huge boobs and then suck and fuck my dick behind some bushes. Being the business woman she is Molly quickly dropped to her knees and spread her cheeks for me like a good girl! I came right into her mouth and on her face and then sent her back to Ft. Lauderdale with a smile!

(Latina Throats) Angel Del Rey

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Oh shit… this fucking chick is right up my alley. She’s petite (weighing only 95 pounds) and has the most perfect round little ass you’ve ever seen. If she looks familiar, it’s because she’s been making the rounds with a lot of the mainstream porn companies in Los Angeles. However, she’s never done anything like this. She tried her best to keep the barf from emptying from her belly… but we’ve seen every trick in the book. All we had to do was pump the well and few times and that green vile came pouring out like black gold. After her throat was exploited, Bootleg just handled that ass. Her tiny hole, his big cock… what do you think happened? He split her in two. What a good bitch. Top shelf looks, down for the nasty and eager to please.